Assistance with Real Estate Negotiations – How A Lawyer Can Help with Your Transaction

In a perfect world, every real estate transaction would go off without a hitch. Buyer and seller would agree to every term, everybody would be looking out for each others’ best interests, and the transfer would take place easily and without a hint of stress. Unfortunately, we do not live in that world. The buyer has their needs, the seller has theirs, and getting the two to a point where they can agree takes experience, knowledge and skill. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, if you need assistance with real estate negotiations it is best to stay out of the fray and put the job into the hands of an experienced and qualified real estate attorney who can approach the issue from a legal rather than an emotional perspective. Having a real estate attorney by your side will ensure that your rights and interests are protected. The experienced attorneys at Wallace Law can provide you with assistance with your real estate negotiations and make sure that you avoid the negative consequences that can arise when you don’t have a knowledgeable legal advocate speaking on your behalf.

Whether you are the person who is selling a piece of property or the buyer, it is important for you to remember that finding the person who wants to buy your property (or finding the right house to buy) is only the first step of a very long, and at times challenging, process. There is a certain amount of negotiation that goes on early, with a purchase price being agreed to and initial conversations taking place about dates, inspections, repairs, and accommodations. Most of these are introduced through the buyer’s or seller’s agent, who puts together an informal agreement. But once these initial terms are agreed to and a formal written contract for sale is introduced to the process, it is important to make sure that you are working with an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable and who understands your priorities and goals. Though your agent may advise you that there is no need to have an attorney involved, you need to remember that your agent’s primary goal is to get the transaction completed so that they can earn their commission. Only a real estate attorney will provide you with assistance with real estate negotiations from a legal perspective and make sure that all one-sided provisions that have been written into the agreement of sale have been eliminated and that the  terms of the contract are written with an eye to what your needs and situation are.

A real estate attorney will represent your best interests during all negotiations about the contract, making sure that you are not faced with unexpected obstacles and helping you to navigate problems when they arise. For more information on how the real estate attorneys at Wallace Law can help, call us today.

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