The Best Apps to Prevent Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is widely acknowledged as a societal evil, but it’s also an incredibly easy mistake to make. Whether you’re visiting with friends and have a drink or two too many, are at a company celebration or wedding, or even had just one glass of wine on an empty stomach, getting behind the wheel could end up being both dangerous and illegal. It’s hard to know when you’ve reached the legal limit, but technology has introduced apps that help. Though these each do different things, they all achieve the same goalkeeping you and those with whom you share the road save, as well as helping avoid a DUI charge.

  • DrinkTracker, AlcoDroid, ENDUI

These apps are essentially calculators into which you can program the drinks you have consumed along with your age, height, weight and gender. They then estimate your blood alcohol content in real time. Additional features include providing easy ways to contact friends for rides home, establish trackers of how much you’re consuming over time and how much you’re spending. The downside is that the drinks have to be entered manually – and once you’ve had too much, you may forget to keep adding. ENDUI does offer an additional feature of being able to report drunk drivers from within the app.


This app is strictly in California right now, but there’s a good chance that it will eventually go national. It is specifically for designated drivers and offers them special deals and discounts at specific locations which can be found via the app. It also helps designated drivers who fall down on the job to get a ride from Lyft, Uber or Curb.

  • Breathometer and Alcohoot

These apps work with an external device and act as pocket breathalyzer tests. They tell you your BAC and how long it will be before it returns to zero, they provide a way to get a ride from friends, a taxi, or Uber and provide nearby locations that are open, including hotels if you need a place to sober up. Alcohoot even predicts how you’re going to feel the morning after.

  • Stearclear

This app will summon a professional driver to take you and your vehicle home safely. It also offers drive-by-the-hour services, taxi or black car services.

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, you need more than an app – you need an experienced attorney who can provide you with a smart, aggressive defense. Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your case.