Finding a Criminal Defense Lawyer for your Child

It’s the last call any parent wants to receive: your child was involved in unlawful conduct and will be facing criminal charges. Not only is it an emotionally charged time, but parents have to make decisions they are unlikely prepared for. After all, this isn’t legal defense for themselves, yet they are still responsible for certain aspects of the legal defense proceedings since their child is a minor.

For parents that have never had so much as a traffic ticket, it can be all the more confusing. When does a parent seek a lawyer and how do they know they have found the right one? The first thing to know is that parents are on the hook to pay for a private defender or the bill for a public defender if their child is a minor. For adult children, they may qualify for a free public defender depending upon jurisdiction. However, it is also important to know that the best course of action is to find the best possible criminal defense lawyer.

After all, they might be a child in your eyes, but the consequences of their verdict could follow them well into their adulthood. But how do you know you have found the best possible criminal defense lawyer for your case?

Check Criminal Law Experience

If a lawyer has passed the bar, they can practice law. However, not all lawyers have the same experience and expertise. Be sure they have the type of experience you need for your case. For instance, if a criminal defense lawyer has a lot of experience in white collar crimes such as embezzlement but your child is being accused of sexual assault, the experience may not necessarily be helpful even though they are both criminal charges. Seek a lawyer with local and specific experience that is relevant to your case.

Working with Juveniles

Similar to the above tip, getting a criminal defense lawyer that has worked specifically with juveniles will give much better specific defense for the child. Trying an adult compared to a child is a completely different approach to a legal defense. Getting a lawyer that focuses or has a good amount of experience in juvenile defense will have more relevant experience to offer compared to a lawyer that has only worked with adults.

Finding the right lawyer can be a confusing process. Our team has experience working with clients of all types and can craft a criminal defense based on the specifications of any case. Contact us today to find out more.