When to Get a Restraining Order if You Are Feeling Threatened

Everybody deserves to feel physically, financially and emotionally safe. All too often a divorce can turn ugly and a once-loving spouse can begin to make threats of violence or to act in a way that is emotionally abusive. If you are in the midst of a divorce and are being threatened or abused by your spouse, a temporary restraining order or temporary protective order can provide you with the security and safety that you need to be able to restore your quality of life. The attorneys at Wallace Law take the safety and peace of mind of our clients very seriously. When it is time to get a restraining order we will act quickly on your behalf.

A temporary restraining order is a order issued by a judge forbidding a person from engaging in a threatened action against another person. There are a number of reasons why a temporary restraining order may be appropriate within the confines of a divorce. These include:

  • To prevent a spouse from taking negative actions that they are threatening, including removing children, cleaning out bank accounts, canceling insurance policies or car leases, changing beneficiaries on life insurance policies or 401Ks, or using joint assets as collateral. In these cases a temporary restraining order is put in place to prevent any such actions from being taken until after all issues in the divorce are resolved. This is known as an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order (ATRO), and it is designed to create a level playing field and a measure of respect between divorcing spouses. If you are being threatened with any of these actions as a power play within a divorce, having an ATRO in place can help to reduce anxiety.
  • To put an end to domestic violence by ordering the abuser to stay away from their spouse, and possibly their children. A temporary restraining order accomplishes this until a hearing can take place to determine whether abuse occurred, after which a final restraining order can be put in place. Once a restraining order is put into place, should your spouse violate the order the police have the power to arrest them. Criminal charges can be filed, resulting in prison time, fines, and even ending up with a criminal record.

If you fear what your spouse might do before your divorce is resolved and need an ATRO, or are a victim of violence or feel that you are about to become a victim of violence, then the attorneys at Wallace Law can help you to file for an Emergency Temporary Restraining Order, a Temporary Restraining Order, or a Long-Term Protective Order. We are passionate about making sure that our clients feel safe and protected, and are committed to being available to assist you whenever you need us.

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