Injured by a Product? When is a Product Liable for your Injury?

Nobody likes the idea of having to file a lawsuit. The mere idea of going to court and pointing a finger of blame at another for an injury you’ve suffered makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Still, if you have suffered an injury after using a product, you need to give serious consideration to whether it was the product that was responsible for your injury, especially if the injury was serious enough to require medical attention or time away from work. The attorneys at Wallace Law are experienced product liability attorneys who will meet with you to discuss what happened. We will listen carefully, ask pertinent questions, and provide you with legal guidance about who is at fault and whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit.

Unlike the residents of many other countries, when you purchase a product in the United States, you do so with the confidence that it will be safe for you to use. This is because the American justice system has established laws that make manufacturers and others in the supply chain responsible for any harm that may occur to a consumer who has used the product in the way that it is intended. There are several different circumstances under which a product’s manufacturers, designers or suppliers are determine to be liable for an injury. These include:

  • Defects in design: When a product is first envisioned, the manufacturers have a responsibility to thoroughly investigate the design in order to ensure that it will not pose a threat to those who are going to use it. An example of a product whose design was defective could include a toy for young children that has parts that fly off and could hit them in the eye, or a toy designed for infants that is small enough to pose a choking hazard.
  • Defects in manufacturing: These are problems that are the fault of the way that the product was assembled or presented. In the case of food products it could include allowing bacteria or poison to come into contact with the product. Another example could include pottery designed to hold food that was painted with lead-based paint.
  • Failure to warn: Some products can pose dangers if they are not used properly. In these cases, the manufacturer is required to provide warnings and instructions in its proper use and to provide precautions to prevent injury from happening. When the manufacturer fails to label a product properly or provide complete instructions and a consumer is injured, they can be held responsible.

When you are injured by a product, filing a lawsuit can result in you receiving compensation for any medical expenses that you incurred, as well as other damages, including any wages you lost as well as any loss of ability, future expenses that can be anticipated as a result of the injury, and even for pain and suffering. The attorneys at Wallace Law have the experience and legal knowledge you need to advise you as to who is responsible and help you get the justice you deserve. Call our office today to have a detailed discussion of your case.

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