How A Lawyer Will Help If You Are Arrested for A DUI in South Jersey

We all know the terrible feeling of seeing those flashing red and blue lights, either behind us in our rear-view mirrors or ahead of us at a DUI checkpoint. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in South Jersey, it is essential that you act quickly to put yourself in the hands of an experienced attorney who can provide you with a DUI defense strategy aimed at getting you a verdict of not guilty.  Though you may believe that there’s little hope, the truth is that there are many ways that a lawyer with a strong knowledge of the law can help if you are arrested for a DUI in South Jersey. Call the attorneys at Wallace Law today to set up an appointment to discuss your case.

There is no doubt that being charged with DUI in South Jersey is extremely serious, and if it is not your first offense or your blood alcohol concentration was high, the situation only becomes more complex. As is true all over the country, driving under the influence is considered a serious offense in the state of New Jersey, and the state’s prosecutors are under strict orders not to engage in any type of plea bargaining in cases involving drunk driving. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a reduction of charges, or that the charges might even be thrown out entirely.

At Wallace Law, we have the skill that is needed to win your case at trial, but we are frequently able to resolve the situation before it ever gets to that point. We use our knowledge of blood alcohol detection technology and police administrative operations to cast doubt on the state’s case. This may mean questioning whether the officer had a lawful reason for stopping your vehicle or whether you were provided with understandable instructions regarding the various field sobriety tests you may have been subject to. We will request proof that the breath testing equipment was well maintained and working properly, and look into the training and qualifications of the officer who was operating the equipment at the time of your arrest. The slightest error or variance in procedures can cast doubt on the strength of their case, and can be used to your advantage.

Being convicted of a DUI in South Jersey has very serious and long-term repercussions: it can change your life forever. You can lose your driving privileges for up to a year for a first-time offense, and there are considerable fines and increased insurance costs, and even the possibility of having to spend time in jail. It is essential that you put yourself into the capable hands of attorneys who understand the seriousness of your situation and who are dedicated to providing you with the best defense possible. Call the attorneys at Wallace Law at the earliest time possible so that we can help you through this situation.

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