License Plate Holders Could Incur Fines in New Jersey

New Jersey residents may be surprised to find their license plate holder could cost them up to $200 in most cases, and even more in other cases. In fact, there are times the offending plate holder could have been placed there by a dealership with their marketing brand prominently displayed.

Despite the surprise of many who incur a fine, the language used in N.J.S. 39:3-33 is clear in its stipulations. According to the regulations, a person is not permitted to drive a vehicle with a plate frame that covers or obscures any markings on the registration plate.

The MVC website goes further to explain the rule, pointing out that license plates must also be clear and easy to read. This includes illumination to ensure visibility from 50 feet away at night.

However, it’s the fine details that get motorist. Many plate holders only cover a small portion of the “New Jersey” or “Garden State” lettering. This is covered under the regulation as the language specifically makes any coverage of “any part of any marking imprinted upon the vehicle’s registration plate.”

The fine for a first offense is $100, even when the holder covered only a small portion of markings. Subsequent offenses will cost $200. However, this can easily increase. While you may be pulled over for the N.J.S. 39:3-33 offense, you can incur other tickets. For instance, if you happen to have forgotten your proof of insurance or can’t find your car registration, each ticket could cost you hundreds of dollars.

The best defense against these unnecessary fines is not to have a plate holder. Since this lightweight plastic doesn’t serve a functional purpose, it is much easier to let it go rather than racking up fines.

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