Do I Need an Attorney to Fight A Traffic Ticket?

Driving is one of those skills that we do almost automatically once we’ve mastered it. We spend very little time thinking about the process of driving, and even less time considering how much we rely on being able to drive whenever and wherever we want – right up to the moment when we are confronted with the loss of that ability. When you have been charged with a traffic ticket you probably think that it’s not that big a deal. You may consider just paying the fine and moving on. What you may not fully realize is that when you write a check and stick it in an envelope with your summons, you are pleading guilty to whatever violation is stated on the ticket, and that will be documented in your driving record. Accumulate too many of these and you may suddenly find yourself facing a potential suspension of your license or an increase in your automobile insurance rates. As experienced South Jersey traffic ticket lawyers, the attorneys at Wallace Law suggest that you figure out whether you need an attorney to fight a traffic ticket before just sending in that guilty plea.

There are several things that an experienced South Jersey traffic ticket lawyer can accomplish on your behalf. Because of their extensive knowledge of the laws, they are able to closely examine the specifics of the charges against you, identifying weaknesses, contradictions and flaws. Once these have been identified, they will use them to either get the charges against you dropped entirely or to have your fine or penalties reduced. Not only does this mean that it will save you from having to pay a hefty ticket, but will also keep you from accumulating points against your record and having to pay the increases in insurance rates that might have resulted from the original, more serious charges.

When you plead guilty to a traffic ticket, it can sometimes lead to having your driver’s license suspended. This depends on both the gravity of the individual charge and how many points you have already accumulated over the last few years. By having an attorney working on your behalf, you are likely to find that your points can be dismissed entirely, and that in lieu of earning them you simply need to attend traffic school or perform some type of community service. An attorney may be able to offer a plea bargain to a less serious violation or to a probationary period.

When facing a traffic ticket and considering whether to use an attorney to defend you, you need to weigh the cost of the ticket versus the cost of a lawyer’s fees, but you also need to consider the potential downside of being found guilty. If you cannot afford to have any more points on your record or an increase in your car insurance rates, then it is probably worthwhile to speak to an attorney. The South Jersey traffic ticket lawyers at Wallace Law are here to help.