Police say a 21-year-old New Jersey man has been charged with driving while intoxicated after an early morning accident. A report did not mention any injuries in the accident that officers say involved three cars. There were four other charges issued to the man in addition to the driving while intoxicated charge.

The report stated that the man’s car hit a taxi from behind, which caused the taxi to hit another car parked along the street. The man purportedly left the scene of the accident, but his license plate apparently fell off his car, which is how police were able to track him down. Once they found him, they claim there was yellow paint from the taxi and other damage to the front of his car.

The man was given a field sobriety test after police say they smelled alcohol on his breath and after he told them he had consumed two beers at a nearby bar. He reportedly failed that test and further testing showed his blood alcohol level to be nearly twice the legal limit. Police took him to headquarters and said he kept falling asleep while he was sitting up.

This man, like anyone else found to be in his situation, has the right to the best defense available, no matter the charges against him. A solid defense strategy will typically examine every piece of the evidence the prosecution says they have to prove an individual’s guilt in a driving while intoxicated case. Because no case is free of errors, it may be that at least one can be found to work in a defendant’s favor and result in a reduction in any sentence against the individual or get the case thrown out of a New Jersey court altogether.

Source: The Jersey Journal, “Fair Lawn man charged with DUI, fleeing the scene: police“, Amanda Eisenberg, July 17, 2014

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