A driving while intoxicated charge was recently issued to a New Jersey man after a single-vehicle accident. The driver had no passengers at the time of the crash. The driving while intoxicated charge was just one of several given to the man by police in the case.

Police responding to the scene say they found the driver stuck in his vehicle after it had left the road and turned over. The Jaws of Life hydraulic tool had to be utilized to extract him from his car. He was then air-lifted to a medical facility for treatment. A report did not state his current condition.

Officials say they determined the driver hit curbs, mailboxes along the road and a huge rock after losing control of his vehicle. Upon later examination of the scene, a stun gun was apparently found in the car as well as an open container of alcohol. He will face the numerous charges against him upon his release from the hospital.

The state of New Jersey considers a driving while intoxicated charge to be very serious. The state requires fines, license suspension, jail time and enrollment in an alcohol awareness program for those convicted of this charge. The amount and length of time depends on the blood alcohol level and how many prior convictions. The good news is that each person, no matter the alleged offense, has the right to the most sound defense available. It is possible that a thorough defense strategy can help throw reasonable doubt on even the toughest case brought by the prosecution, although the burden of proof remains with the state at all times.

Source:, “Man was intoxicated during rollover crash in Washington Township, police say“, Justin Zaremba, July 30, 2014

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