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Resolving DWI and Blood Test Issues

Many people who fail a blood or breath test assume that they have no options other than to plead guilty. The truth is, the results of these tests can be challenged in many cases by an experienced attorney who understands the nature of these tests.

At Wallace Law in Haddonfield, our Camden County attorney has more than 25 years of experience defending clients against DUI charges in New Jersey. Attorney Bruce Wallace will scrutinize every aspect of your traffic stop and any DUI Breathalyzer or blood tests you took. If the police made any mistakes, he will take swift action to prevent the results from being used against you.

Do not hesitate to seek a lawyer’s advice if you were arrested for drunk driving in Cherry Hill, Burlington County, Camden County or elsewhere in South Jersey. Call Wallace Law at 856-437-5067 or send us an email to set up a free consultation.

Why Might a Breath or Blood Test Result Be Challenged?

DUI testing is not perfect, and inaccurate results are more common than you may realize. Over the years, we have had success challenging results based on a variety of grounds such as:

  • Machine errors: Breathalyzer machines (known as Alcotest machines in New Jersey) are sometimes defective or calibrated incorrectly. This can lead to readings that are artificially high.
  • Errors by police officers: The officer who gave you the test may not have been properly trained in administering the tests. The officer may have made a mistake in recording the results. In either case, there may be grounds to exclude the evidence so it cannot be used against you.
  • Pre-existing conditions: Some people have medical conditions, such as acid reflux, that can confuse an Alcotest machine and cause it to give an inflated reading.

In Gloucester County, Atlantic County and across the state, breath testing is by far the most common type of DWI testing. However, blood testing is used in cases where the DUI is related instead of alcohol. No matter what test you took, our lawyer will examine it carefully and if there are problems he will expose them.

Do I Have the Right to Refuse a Breath Test or Blood Test in New Jersey?

The simple answer to this question is no. You consented to these tests simply by driving on a New Jersey road. If you refuse to take the test and are convicted, you face heavy fines along and your driver’s license will be suspended for seven months, at minimum.

Not all refusal cases are “open-and-shut,” however. Our Haddonfield attorney sometimes uncovers problems that render refusal charges improper. If you refused a breath or blood test, Wallace Law will analyze the situation and if there are defenses available we will assert them.

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