How to Prepare for Your Personal Injury Case Trial

If you have been injured and have decided to pursue compensation, an approaching trial can be daunting. However, it doesn’t need to be. Even after a legal strategy has been created and your ducks are in a row, there are other preparations you can make to ensure you are ready to go in front of the judge.

Proper preparation has benefits beyond simply winning a case. It can help calm nerves and give a better sense of control over the personal injury case process.

Before Arriving at the Court House

There are actions and preparations you can make that start even before the morning of your trial. This can help soothe nerves and help you feel ready to start your trial.

  • Read through the paperwork. Be sure you understand what the court will ask of you before you enter the courthouse.
  • Talk to your attorney about your past. If there is anything that could weaken your case, make sure your attorney is aware. Your lawyer is fighting in your corner and will fight to ensure these details don’t work against you.
  • Gather evidence. Having photographs and other evidence to support your case will help you have the best case.

The Day of the Trial

When you go to a courthouse, there are some ways you can appear more trustworthy and be taken more seriously.

  • Dress appropriately and conservatively
  • Avoid excessive jewelry and keep it simple
  • Avoid dark glasses that cover your eyes
  • Be prepared with all evidence and documents
  • Be polite to both sides, as you are being carefully watched
  • Get there early and set a good tone

During the Trial

Some behaviors set a poor tone. Some good, positive behaviors for the courtroom include:

  • Never interrupting the judge
  • Facing others while you are speaking
  • Addressing everyone in the courtroom respectfully and maintaining your composure
  • Standing next to evidence and diagrams being presented
  • Using positive body language, such as avoiding crossing your arms
  • Keep your hands folded in your lap if you are not using them
  • Be aware that you are being observed and act professional and in a friendly manner

Avoiding these faux pas and being well-prepared will set a good tone for your trial. Our team of South Jersey personal injury lawyers at Wallace Law help our clients prepare for trial. If you are unsure of how to best prepare, always refer to your legal counsel. Their job is to get the best result from a case and will help give you assurance at all steps of a legal battle.