Traffic-Related Deaths Tripled this Fourth of July Weekend

According to state troopers in Pennsylvania, this year’s Fourth of July weekend saw a tripling of people killed. On roads patrolled by state police in Pennsylvania, there were 13 deaths and 259 injuries during the four-day driving period. The numbers compared to last year’s three-day weekend were significantly higher, though they did not include the fourth day like this year. This year, there were 741 traffic accidents in general from Saturday to Tuesday. Last year during the three-day weekend, troopers reported 423 they had to handle.

Last year, troopers only reported three highway deaths and 165 injuries during the driving period. During the 2017 Independence Day driving period, police investigated 75 accidents involving alcohol compared to 52 alcohol-related crashes last year. This year, police reported 474 drunk driving arrests, 11,481 speeding tickets and 216 child-seat citations during the long weekend. These figures don’t include any traffic incidents done by other enforcement agencies.

With potential legislation currently hitting the floor aiming to bring heavier penalties and better preventative measures for drunk driving in Pennsylvania, the figures are telling. Pennsylvania has been reported as one of the worst states in terms of drunk driving laws and penalties. With increasing measures, authorities hope to see these numbers and figures begin to improve.

If you are facing DUI charges from this Fourth of July weekend, or have been the victim in a car crash that was caused by someone under the influence of alcohol, contact us today. Our team aims to protect the rights of our clients, whether they are an innocent victim or are facing heavy charges under the new legislation passed in Pennsylvania.