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We’ve all been there — driving down the highway and watching a huge tractor trailer grow closer and closer in our rear view mirror, or holding our breath as we drive in one lane with an 18-wheeler towering over us in the next. As essential as these vehicles are to transporting essential supplies that keep the economy functioning, they are intimidating, and more than that they can be dangerous.  Truck accidents claim the lives of thousands of people in the United States every year, and cause hundreds of thousands of injuries. If you have been involved in a truck accident in New Jersey, the experienced truck accident attorneys at Wallace Law can help you get the compensation you need and deserve. Call us today.


The laws that have been passed regarding the operation of commercial trucks are straightforward and sensible. Because these enormous vehicles represent so much risk to the other drivers with whom they share the road, their drivers are expected to operate their vehicles at a higher level of vigilance and caution, and the owners of the trucking companies are expected to keep them well maintained and ensure that they are safe. Proper training is supposed to be provided and drivers are restricted in the number of hours that they can drive before being required to take breaks for sleep. Yet despite these stringent laws, accidents that are caused by carelessness and negligence happen all the time, and in most cases these accidents end up involving automobiles and smaller vehicles. The difference in size between a commercial truck and a passenger car is enormous, and as a result the passengers and driver of the smaller vehicles are most frequently the ones who suffer fatalities and serious injuries.


Truck accidents are caused by a number of different things, including:


  • Drivers who are driving too fast due to unreasonable deadlines and schedules
  • Drivers who are fatigued
  • Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Drivers who are driving while distracted by electronic devices such as GPS, smart phones or televisions
  • Dangerous weather conditions
  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Lack of experience or training
  • Poorly maintained vehicle
  • Improperly loaded vehicle


Unfortunately, when a truck accident occurs, the trucking companies often try to make the injured driver feel that the accident was their fault, or to try to offer them quick settlements in exchange for waiving their rights to sue. It is important that you have an experienced truck accident lawyer in New Jersey working on your sie and representing your best interests. Do not sign anything or talk to any insurance company or investigators outside of the police, as doing so may have an impact on your legal rights.


The law firm of Wallace Law is here to act as your advocate if you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident. We are dedicated to holding the guilty party responsible and getting you the compensation and justice you deserve. Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss your case and see how we can help.

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